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Gym Changing Rooms and Toilets
Building and Home Improvement > Building Contractors
Dublin > Co. Dublin
GYM TOILETS AND CHANGING ROOMS BUILDWe are opening a gym in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and are seeking quotes for the build of our toilets and changing rooms.The premises is currently a bare shell with water and drainage services. The builder for this job will need to link to these, which are directly beside where this proposed build is within the unit.We need a male and female changing room built, each with 2 showers per changing room. We also need 2 toilets, which can be built either with 1 toilet in each changing room, or 2 unisex toilet enclosures outside of the changing room builds. We would like to receive quotes for both options to make a decision.CHANGING ROOMSThe images below show the size and layout of the changing rooms we want to build, the approximate dimensions are 4x4.5 metres. Your proposed build doesn't need to stick to these dimensions exactly, but they do provide a guideline of the size were looking for.Please include any materials and work needed to build changing rooms like the images below. Your quote should include whatever is needed to build these changing rooms and should include:The stud, plastering, door, skirtingComplete electric show units, trays, doors, tiling etcLighting FlooringBenches and clothes hooksLabour and vatEXAMPLE IMAGES quote does not need to include paint and mirrors. We would like to see a quote for the most budget build possible and perhaps one more expensive with better materials, for comparison.We are flexible towards whatever layout will be most cost effective. Please specify in your quote if you have included toilets within each changing room, or have priced based on them being self containing enclosures separate to the changing rooms. Your quote for the toilets will need to include any basic equipment such as fans and a small basin but doesnt need to include any other fixtures, including mirrors, hand dryers etc.We would like to start work in January.Please let me know if you need any other information to provide a quote.
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